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She brushed Her hand down over his back and then followed it with another strike of the flogger. A soft moan escaped his lips at the touch of the smooth leather down his back. She started working up and down his back in a figure eight pattern, the strands of the doeskin flogger flowing over his skin, slowly warming his skin. A faint pink tinge stained his back and buttocks as She stepped back and dropped the flogger on the table.

She picked up the fur glove and rubbed it softly over his warmed back. He jerked at the first touch and then relaxed back against the soft fur. A soft purr escaped from him as She rubbed it up and down his back Her mouth coming over his shoulder, kissing the line running from his throat across to the top of his forearm, pausing several times to softly bite the firm skin. Her hand reached around to tease his nipples as She continued to caress the fur over his back.

He felt that his back was alive, tingling, warm, and awake from the soft flogging. He could still feel the blows landing lightly up and down his skin. His cock throbbed and ached for release as he tried to lean back against Her, wanting to rub against Her instead of the fur mitt.

She stepped back once more, picking up another flogger, this one suede. She leans forward, brushing Her lips against his ear as She whispers, “Are you ready for more My slut?”

He nodded slowly as he felt Her withdraw. He had just started to swallow when the new flogger bite into his skin, this one stinging more, almost painful with the blow. Before he could take another breathe a second and then a third blow landed, each in a different spot moving up and down his skin. The blows stinging, warming and then starting to heat up as the strokes continued to land. He grunted softly as the pain started to increase as She worked the skin up and down, not sparing any part of his back and buttocks. The pain slowly built up as the skin heated up, burning now from the strokes. He found himself whimpering softly as She continued to strike his back when suddenly She stopped again. She moved against his back, Her hand softly stroking the fur over the hot red skin as She wrapped Her other arm around his chest.


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