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He had not really thought that far ahead but the mention of the safe word did bring the fear forward and he tensed and tugged on the chains overhead. For a few moments the fear did rule and he pulled hard on the chains attached to his wrists before he stopped panting to rest between the rings. “I am a little worried but yes I do remember my safe word.” He whispered

“Good!” She whispered in his ear as She moved behind him and picked up a toy from the table. She lightly drew the soft leather strands over his shoulder and down his back before stepping back so that She could swing the flogger across his back. Her arm came up and then flashed downward, the soft tails spreading out across his back. He yelled loudly at the blow. She dropped the flogger to the table and came around to stand in front of him.

“Now did that hurt? Or were you just startled?” She asked, standing there with Her hands on Her hips.

He shook his head. “No Ma’am. I am sorry I yelled, I was just startled.” He replied.

She reached up and cupped his chin, holding it between Her thumb and finger, “If I do not know weither or not you are in pain or if that is real then I can not play. Do you understand? Just yelling because you are startled is not good.” She said as She held his eyes. “Shall I begin again?”

He nodded, not trusting himself to answer; ashamed that he had yelled when it had not hurt. “Yes please Ma’am.” He whimpered.

She walked back around and picked up the flogger again, trailing the soft ends across his bare skin. Watching the goose bumps dance across his skin as the tips cross the fair skin. Drawing back, She flicked the ends across his ass. Faint pink lines appeared behind the edges and then vanished just as fast. He jumped again, straining at the chains and then dropping back between the rings, waiting for the next stroke.


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Forced Feminization of Sissies at hands of dominant TV mistresses

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