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This time he was ready for the taste and did not resist the pressure of Her finger as slide inside. He felt Her finger move in and out of it, fucking his mouth slowly, the taste of himself on his tongue. He closed his eyes as She withdrew Her finger, just waiting for what She was going to do next to him. He jumped slightly when he felt the soft slap of Her open hand on his cheek, eyes flying open to meet cool jade ones.

“Always keep your eyes on Me, you never know what I might do.” She replied as She sat back in the chair. “Now My slut, since your cock is so eager, you must earn your reward. Do you remember where the cuffs and chains are kept?”

He nodded as he gazed down at Her, awaiting Her next command.

“Go, get the chains for arms and legs, cuffs for each as well. Now go.” She commanded.

She watched as he scurried across the room to take the things that She had directed down from the wall. As he was completing the list of supplies, She rose from the chair and went to the other wall and opened the cabinets that held Her toys, fingers softly stroking the leathers, suede, rubber and latex. Selecting a few items from the cabinet, She turned and walked silently back to the center of the room and nodded for him to join Her there. She placed the toys on the side table there and then took the items from him as well. She placed him between the rings that hung from the ceiling and beside the rings that were placed in the floor. She picked up the leather cuffs on each wrist and ankle before fastening the chains to each as well. Directing him to fasten the chain to the rings, She fastened the chains to the rings on the floor pulling his legs apart and his arms over his head, holding each limb taunt, muscles flexed, straining a little by the time She is done fastening him down. She walked around him, watching the slightly tense look in his eyes as he realized that right now he could not get free, that he was totally at Her mercy. She leaned closer, dropping Her head to run the tip of Her tongue slowly up his chest, flicking it over his nipple before kissing the tip of his nose.

“Worried?” She asked. “Do you remember your safe word?”


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