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The ring was tight as he rolled it the rest of the way up his cock, settling at the base of his slowly hardening cock. He released his balls, the weight of them pushing the ring back further, nudging it into place, his cock standing out from his body now, the bright pink of the cock ring stark against his skin. He shuddered slightly at the ribbon of color, but then he shook his head. If She wanted him to wear it, he would just have to make do. It was not like anyone else was going to see it

He opened the door and saw Her sitting in Her chair in the middle of the room. He hurried across the floor until he was within two feet. He stopped and dropped to his knees, crawling toward Her to kiss the tips of Her painted toes and then kneeling in front of Her, his head pressed to the floor as he awaited Her command.

“Stand. Show Me how the cock ring fits My slut.” She commanded.

He rose to his feet and placed his hands behind his head, arching his back and spreading his legs wide. He could feel his cock standing out straight from his body, throbbing a little as it swayed slightly as he stood there. The purple tip gleaming a little from the pre cum the oozed from it, the veined shaft hard as a rock.

She motioned him closer until his cock was level with Her chest. She drew Her finger across the tip of his cock, the tip of Her nail just grazing the side of the head. He moaned softly at the touch and felt the moisture gathered off the end. She lifted Her finger and pressed it too his lips, pushing against them until he opened his mouth. He almost chocked on the salty taste of the liquid as his frightened eyes watched Her face. A small smile flickered across Her full lips as She rubbed Her finger against his lips.

“What? You do not like the taste?” She asked him.

He shook his head slightly whispering “No Ma’am.

“And why not? You would expect a woman to enjoy the taste of you.” She asked as She drew Her finger back and rubbed it against the wet tip. Lifting Her finger once more She pressed it against his lips, this time sliding it between them, slowly stroking it in and out of his wet mouth.


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