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His hand finally fell back from the back of Head, resting lightly on her shoulder as He gazed down at her. Her face flushed as her coral mouth continues to slide up and down His slowly relaxing cock. He could see the faint coral smears of her lipstick all the way down the length of His member and against the root from where she had indeed taken all of Him inside her mouth. He lifted His hand once more to softly caress her hair as He gently pushed her mouth away from Him with the other hand.

“That was very good Holly, in fact better than I had hoped for.” He said softly as He caressed her cheek, feeling her turn her face to lay it in His hand. Smiling as He rubbed His thumb against it, reveling in the softness of her young flesh and knowing that the rest of her body will be equally as tender and now all His to enjoy. His mind wondering how soon He would be able to feast at the banquet that had come to His office to offer herself, “We have lots of work to do to get your grade up, when will you be able to come again, or when will we be able to meet at my house?” He asked her.

She rested her Head in the palm of His hand, feeling the comfort and praise of His words; the words warming her as nothing had ever done before. “I can not come over tonight Sir but tomorrow night I can get the books that I am supposed to read and then perhaps you could explain them to me?” she offered tentatively.

His eyes roved over her bent body, taking in the curve of her thigh and the slight glimpse of her moist panties. “Yes I do think tomorrow will work. Get the books for you have a great deal of reading to do and if you don’t well then I will have to punish you as the bad little girl you are. Do you understand me?” He asked.

Her eyes sparkled at His words and she tossed her head slightly, her hair tumbling about her shoulders again. “I will get them and try to read them and I will see you tomorrow Sir.”

He released her and moved away so as to fasten up His clothing. Going behind the desk and sitting down, He picked up another paper and looking up at her once more. “Until tomorrow then. Goodbye Holly” He said dismissing her firmly.

She picked up her schoolbag and buttoned up the button, before standing and walking toward the door, pausing only to look back over her shoulder at His words and nodding, she opened and left, closing it softly so as not to disturb anyone else.

He leaned back in His chair for a moment, His hand sliding down to brush His flaccid cock for she had milked Him dry with her hands and mouth. A faint smile curved His thin lips once more as He pondered the various uses He would have for her young body before the semester would be over. Yes many uses and many ways to enjoy it, He mused, and that will all start tomorrow, the true education of Holly.


The end of Education of Holly Part 1



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