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She leaned forward, the pink tip of her tongue flicking out from between the coral painted lips, dancing over the purple Head of His hard cock. Licking the tip as if it was an ice cream cone and then just closing those coral lips around the tip as she started to suckle softly on it. He grasped the edge of the desk at the sudden jolt of pleasure that He received from her mouth, holding on with one hand as the other hand come up to lightly rest in her hair, playing with the soft strands. Her mouth suckled on the very end as her tongue teased the slit back and forth, milking the long shaft with both of her hands as she caressed it up and down. A deep groan escaped His slightly open lips as she slides more of His cock into her warm mouth, taking the whole purple Head inside now. He watched her cheeks move in and out as she suckled long and hard on the throbbing member, her tongue all the time playing with the swollen tip as her hands stoked up and down below, one hand sliding down inside the silky shorts to fondle His balls, first inside the material and then pulling her hand back out and then cupping them thru the material, gently tugging and squeezing them. The silk of His shorts added another sensation to the toying with of His balls, driving Him closer and closer.

His hand tightened on her soft hair, pushing softly down, wanting to feel Himself buried deep inside her warm mouth, to feel the tip of her tongue running down the side of His hard shaft. His hand met with a little resistance but she quickly got the idea of what He wanted and with each new stroke, took more and more of His hard cock inside her wet mouth. The sounds of her slurping on His cock drove Him to start thrusting up as her Head was coming down. He could now feel the tip of His cock striking the back of her throat, the faint gagging as it closed around it for the instant that it struck it and then her pulling it back off. The sensation of the muscles closing was almost His undoing as He fought to savor the sensation of her sucking on His long cock. He thrust one more time, this time keeping His hand firmly on her Head to hold her down as He plunged deep inside that wet mouth, the tip against the back of her throat. He could feel her gagging slightly as the tip trembled there and the closing of her muscles this time proving too much for Him, His hot cum pumping into her mouth and down her throat as He emptied shot after shot of the wet sticky white liquid into her. His hand holding her as she tried to move off His cock and then relaxing as He finally finished empting His balls. She pulled back a little but kept her mouth on His cock as she continued to suck and stroke the thick shaft with her other hand rolling both of His balls gently back and forth in her silk covered hand.


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