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A single tear slipped over the lid of her eye and started to slide down the porcelain cheek, and then another as she nodded slowly. Whispering as He had done, “yes I will do anything you want.”

“And if I want you more than just once, to truly enjoy your body more than once?” He spoke a little louder this time.

She lifted her Head at that statement, her eyes opening a little more as she took in what He was truly saying and then nodding again. “Yes as many times as you want me.” She replied.

He stepped back from the chair and sat on the edge of the desk and smiled at the young woman. “I do not need casual sex I can find that anywhere but the use of your fine body, your sweet soft young body, now that is a treat that I do not get offered very often. Yes I will tutor you and you will still have to write the paper but I will help you pass the class for a grade that will not look bad on your transcript. But young lady, you will have to work for the grade just as hard if not harder since you will have to be doing two things for it, the work and satisfying me as well. Are we in agreement in this?” He asked as His hand was coming up to unfasten His belt.

Her eyes followed Him as He moved to the edge of the desk, she found that sitting in the chair her Head was just level with His groin and as He sat down she could see that He was hard under His tailored slacks, that all she had to do was just lean forward and she would be face first there. She vaguely Heard His words, though part of her thrilled to the thought that He wanted to taste her delights more than once, her mind slowly dissolving on watching the movement of His hand, waiting until He had unfastened His pants as she knew what she was wanting to do.

He paused in unfastening His pants when she did not answer Him and then laughing softly to Himself He continued the task. She was past the point of caring He thought to Himself as He unzipped them before pushing the soft material aside to reveal the silken shorts that He was wearing. Her hand came up to lightly touch the material before her Head lifted to look up into His eyes, hers asking Him if she might. He nodded slightly and moved His hand back as both of hers came forward to release His hard cock from the constraints of the silk.


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