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This time the trip seemed to less time than any of the others. He parked the car in the usual place and hurried up the walk to the front door. He rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer the door. After a couple of minutes he rang a second time. This time he heard hurried steps coming up to the door and he instinctively stepped back a step, as the door was pulled open. She stood in the doorway gazing out at him, Her eyebrow raised slightly as She looking him up and down for a moment before stepping back to allow him to enter the house.

“Hello again. I am glad you chose to return. Today we will start your training. You will find a cock ring in your dressing room. Go. Get undressed and then comes to My chair.” She said as She closed the door and turned to walk down the stairs to the dungeon.

He followed quickly, watching Her as She walked down the stairs in front of him. She was wearing a silk Chinese robe, belted around her waist but open on both sides all the way to the top of Her hips. The heavily stitched panels swung slightly as She walked down the stairs, following the flow of Her hips. The top molded itself to Her chest, cupping Her firm breasts, tiny buttons holding the material closed all the way up to her throat. The short sleeves had dainty slits that allowed Her to move easily as She reached up to press the button that shut the door at the top of the stairs.

He jumped slightly at the loud clang of the door shutting but recovered quickly to continue on down the stairs and into the dungeon. He hurried quickly to the dressing room, actually starting to unbutton his shirt as he crossed the floor and opened the door. He stopped in the doorway as he looked at the bright neon pink rubber ring that was on the counter. He looked quickly around for the cock ring that She had said She had left in here for him. His eyes coming back again and again to that bright pink ring and then moving away quickly as he tried to deny that that was the ring that She had meant for him to wear. He picked up the soft ring, squeezing it in his hand. For several seconds he thought that he might not put it on but he dropped it back down on the counter. He quickly undressed, placing his clothes on the shelves and then taking the ring once more, he pushed his balls thru the opening and then holding them out away from his body he slide the end of his cock thru the opening.

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