forced feminization stories
Teen crossdressing stories are becoming increasingly popular as is the idea itself, during puberty with all those hormones coursing through their veins teenagers naturally experiment.




Teens rarely confess their own teen crossdressing stories but this story is about my brother David who used to dress in my clothes, fortunately he was small for a guy and I was tall and athletic build so he could easily fit into my clothes.


One day I came home from school earlier than expected as netball practise had been cancelled, bursting into my room I found David dressed in my best black lingerie.

I gasped and screamed at him he slammed shut the door and made me promise not to tell mom.

He sat me on the bed and apologized saying that he just wanted to know what it felt like to wear women’s undies.

The more I looked the more I realised that he didn’t actually look that bad he had nice legs and he had stuffed tissues into the bra to give him some shape.

I asked him if he wanted to finish dressing as he had picked a black mini skirt and lacy top from my closet.

He nodded enthusiastically and that afternoon my brother and I truly bonded when he had the top and skirt on he looked very feminine so I offered to do his hair and make up by the time we finished he really looked like a young woman.

That was the start of a very close relationship between my brother and me, but that as they say is another story!

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