forced feminization stories

Men are not always keen to tell their sissy husband stories, but sometimes they are only too willing - in this case I met Simon who is only to happy to tell me one of his sissy husband stories as he is proud of the fact that he is a sissy husband...

Simon had been mugged whilst out shopping, unfortunately for him it was his wife’s birthday the next day and he was robbed before he had bought her present.

He knew that he was going to be in a lot of trouble, he walked up the garden path rehearsing what he was going to say.

He pushed his key in the door his heart filled with trepidation at what would follow.

His wife Amy came into the hall expecting to see him laden with bags full of goodies.

Where is the shopping she said, “ I was mugged he said”. Expecting some sympathy her eyes glazed over!

Dear me she said how careless of you get upstairs at once Simon, and start to undress.

Amy climbed the stairs and found her husband cowering in briefs in the corner she handed him some red lacy panties and black stockings.

Put these on she said he did hurriedly he loved the feel of the lace tickling his skin.

Bend over she growled, she pulled down his panties slightly and with a leather paddle she whacked his ass cheeks.

What am I going to have for my present now she screamed you knew I wanted that gold bracelet and black dress.

I’m sorry he said I must be punished, the stockings felt warm and silky on his legs he had a massive erection and was grateful his wife welcomed him being a sissy husband.