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Sep 24

How to get forced feminized

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One of the biggest fantasies going is forced feminization. And many, many people practise it in real life. What is it about forced feminization that is so attractive?

Why do men crave for, and beg their Mistresses and dominant girlfriends and wives to turn them into the feminized sissy slut that they know they are deep inside?

Why do men want to be forced to wear nice silk or lacy panties? To be forced to wear lipstick or nail polish? To be forced to wear bras, and other silky lingerie?

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It makes them feel so submissive. So horny and aroused.

They crave this feeling.

Sometimes the Mistress forces them to suck her big strap on before she thrusts it deep inside their pussy. As the strap on gets thrusted deeper and deeper, they have no alternative but to yield and become the little feminized sissy slut that they have always craved to be.

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Sep 17

Crossdressing Grae Phillips on Sally Jessy

Crossdressing Grae Phillips on Sally Jessy.

Sep 16

Femdom Girls – Miss Kathy

Sep 14

man becomes woman photoshoot – crossdress – transgender – travestiet

man becomes woman photoshoot music: Bang Bang – lazy hammock (chillo) You can buy this record at:

Sep 13

Femdom Podcast #22

This week’s femdom podcast was not live, however we still had a bunch of fun and answered some great community questions…and as usual went on some tangents…

Sep 11

FF7 Cloud Crossdressing game

a inside look into cloud’s fetish.

Sep 10

Domina Alsou foot femdom online.

Many more videos – pedicure fetish cutting video.

Sep 08

How to Feel Girly 24 Hours Per Day (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Visit to discover my top 10 secrets for passing or blending in as a woman! (FREE VIDEO)

Sep 06

419 Femdom RoyalMistress

lesbian organizations launch LGBTQ Youth Homeless Initiative News release from the LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Initiative, expected to officially launch in earl…

Sep 06


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