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Sep 29

Jun Tag 2 Swimsuit Ryona 風間準 リョナニー スイムスーツ

Please like so I can know to make more ryona! I also do femdom! I don’t do this out of hate for Jun. In fact, she is my favorite Tekken Character. I always use Jun when playing Tag 2. I hope there’s no confusion.

Sep 28

Crossdress in Public – Mistress Deborah’s Task for Augusta

This is the amended task that Mistress Deborah set me. To carry out a street walk in broad daylight…and prove it. Sorry about the bit in the middle. Mistress Deborah insisted that she see me reach the end of the street…it’s a bit far away! I have to say it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time!

Sep 26

IFBB PRO Bodybuilder & WCW Wrestler Christi Wolf in Female Domination Guest Posing

IFBB PRO Bodybuilder & Former WCW Wrestler Christi Wolf in Female Domination Guest Posing

Sep 25

feeling girlie ( crossdresser )

tried a spin at the end. skirt looks nice but need to practice a feminine spin.

Sep 23

FUNNY Making Of “Die Perverse Nonne” (Longversion)

Bei Lady Vampira im Studio Femdom Empire gibts nur knallharte Dominanz, hier wird nicht gelacht! So ein Blödsinn, guckts euch doch selbst an!! 😉

Sep 21

Skinny Jeans a crossdressing/transvestite video

Had to try a pair of Skinny Jeans

Sep 20

Caroline’s intense brainwashing hypnosis

hypnosis FHRA Caroline’s intense brainwashing hypnosis Hypnosis Hypnotist Kendra FHRA hypnotize you with her eyes follow us on twitter ‏@femdomhypnotist and tweet this video!

Sep 18

Crossdresser in Purple Cocktail Dress

Purple Cocktail dress with one-shoulder sash, clutch, black heels. Blog:

Sep 17

femdom riding

Sep 15

Shibatora Crossdressing