May 24

Feminized Young Boys

We are losing the War for Men in the Black Community.


  1. My Father Is a Marine, served in 76. He is also A pastor and now missionary to South America. And a Very hard worker. And I was one of those Feminized Young Boys a little over a year ago.

  2. im from mexico…. when i came to the USA i never seen so much guys wearing gay clothes and at the same time calling themselves straight???? I AM NOT SAYING I HATE GAY PEOPLE.. but its really true.. theirs alot of rappers, rockers, DJs, singers pushing kids to wear girly clothes? even the gay men are realizing this as well… because theirs gay men asking these so call “metro” men out, and they say “nooo i am straight??? so why are you wearing gay clothes if your straight???

  3. in mexico… they beat the shit out of you…. down in mexico… if you wearing shit like that… your going to get beaten up…. also what i notice is the men from the USA are becoming very passive now… the roles are switching now.. wtf???? whatever happen to the macho attitude, the cowboy attitude etc… its gone; alot of guys cant even lift a damn cement bag???

  4. alot of women in USA; they dont cook anymore, they dont clean for themselves… alot of them are acting like men? you see girls dating men who look like total Fag Hags??? its happening is alot of american women each year are becoming more single, divorce rate is high, structure of the whole family is gone

  5. becuase i am a man… maybe my skin tone is tan brown but i am still god damn man…. its sad really see as man.. to see my fellow man turning into girls… wtf???? this is why mexicans or hispanics dont respect american men? can you blame us….. im sick and tired of these damn faggot rappers or singers teaching kids its cool to wear a purse wtf???

  6. when girls say “oooo i dont like men who are macho???? trust me they want a man who is a pet, a puppy… go fetch and catch…. ooo he is so cute…??? what happens is you see girls bossing around grown men who dont have balls

  7. This is history repeating itself. Feminization of society is always seen at the end of the great civilizations that run their course. We are no different. It is to be expected as people have obviously learned nothing from their own history.

  8. Skinny jeans are a woman’s fashion. We can go into, “it’s just fabric” but that doesn’t take away the fact that boys and men are wearing a woman’s fashion for deliberate reasons. The feminization of a society is nothing new. It happened in Ancient Egypt and Rome among others. When boys dress like girls you know that your society has run its course. In this world you must have the yin and the yang – the feminine and the masculine to fill their roles.

  9. But what can be done about it? I say let the gays be gay if they want, but we need to stop pandering to and promoting their lifestyle. That’s the problem. Our media drills it into the minds of the youth that it is wrong to have an opposing opinion about homosexuality and that it is wrong to do anything less than accept it. They promote it as “tolerance” but it’s really universal acceptance they want. Well, I have my own mind and I’ll come to my own conclusions without liberal media influence.

  10. I think you were going in the right direction with this video, but when it comes to the “skinny jeans” comment or whatever; you have to understand that style and what’s considered “fresh” changes over time. I have alot of Black male friends that wear skinny jeans, S-Curl, bright colors, etc. whatever. But I’m pretty sure they’re not gay. And I don’t even think they believe they’re effeminate. It’s just what’s popular, and to be honest, most of the young girls actually LIKE this trend on boys.

  11. Check out this link…..husbands and wives together in the household raising boys to be girls. The signs of the times is unbelievable.

  12. there are some on the other side of the spectrum as well. men/boys who grow up with both parents and the father is working class. they may not be feminine in appearance but they are in behavior. i don’t mean switching and wrist flipping…i mean whining and crying and effiminately emotional. i see it in the schools all the time. little boys too old to be crying and can’t even tell you their phone number nor address.

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