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Feb 21


I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Feb 20

How Keith became Kate – Facial Feminisation Surgery Video 1.wmv

Facial Feminisation Surgery – FFS – How Keith became Kate Lesley, aka Amber Goth, transgender author and publisher – story of her life, climaxing with her facial feminization surgery with the Facial Team in Marbella, Spain, November 2011

Feb 20

What does “the feminization of occupation” mean??

An example would also really help.

From what I think it means is that — jobs that were predominatly occupied by men are now seeing more and more women. These jobs require skills like compasion and caring for people and those are skills that women are known to have instinctly and that is why it is sometimes justified that women is these jobs can be pais less….WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO IT???

Feb 19

【UTAU Newcomer】妄想スケッチ & KiLLER LADY【Maddie Rosaire】

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Hey it’s Valentine’s Day in France currently and that’s my timezone so her release date is Valentine’s. XDDD And what better way to celebrate, than have a song about pure love and then femdom? :DDDD I didn’t realize the funny contrast until making the vid and lol’d. But here are two songs that show you different sides of Maddie’s voice bank. Her bank is finally up for download and it’s been a labor of love. Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped out. Especially to AOI★, Scarf, Jade, and twin! Also thanks to Myst for editing the KiLLER LADY UST! This is her Act 1, but I’m really satisfied with the clarity and how everything sounds. Her voicer did a fantastic job~ But yes… Hope you enjoy and a download link for her bank is below. Thanks for the support! VOICEBANK DOWNLOAD LINK: ——————– “妄想スケッチ” originally by 40㍍ and sung by Hatsune Miku “KiLLER LADY” originally by 8#prince and sung by Gumi USTs by UTAUReni and MurasakiMomoKachi; KiLLER LADY UST edited by Myst Art by Scarfu and KiLLER LADY art by Acorn Mixing for “妄想スケッチ” and Video by Acorn “KiLLER LADY” mixing by Myst UTAU managed by Acorn Voice Provided by AOI★

Feb 18

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Feb 17

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #12: Cleavage

I talked about breast forms before but there’s one extra bit to work out to create a convincing bust: cleavage!

Feb 16

Feminization of Poverty

Globalization and WTO policies have negatively affected women all over the world. Experts believe that there is need to improve the quality of the female labor force by providing legislative support to ensure quality of development opportunities between males and females. Speakers shared these views while speaking at a local seminar “Feminization of Poverty”. Our correspondent Kashmala Chaudhry has more to tell…

Feb 16

Fbb Crushing A Steel Pipe – Strong Muscular Arms, Big Forearm Veins!!

Feb 14

Eclectic Geisha Feminization

An Instruction slideshow of the stages of feminization offered by the GeishaAngel at The Geishafire Boudrior and Studio

Feb 14

Me Crossdressing with New Shoes!!

I bought some new shoes and stockings recently, and I thought I’d show them off =) Sorry I’m still not wearing any make up, my hair was a mess too (;