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Jan 31

Feminizing Menswear

Basically we raided Jenn’s brother’s closet and picked six items of his clothing. We incorporated the “menswear” and feminized it! Sorry for not talking in this episode, we were super crammed on time. ) : The next episodes will have our commentary. Burning to ask a question? Check our FAQ in the front of our page. ( : If it isn’t there ask us here! We answer all questions we feel comfortable with: Camera equipment provided by Jon Van Jameson: Photographs between stills were taken by David Cortés Music

Jan 31

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Jan 29

Crossdressing For Fun

So I tried cross-dressing recently and turns out to pretty fun, thought I’d upload a few videos for the sake of it, haha. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed. ^^

Jan 29

Body Feminization Exercises for Transsexuals.mp4

alcuni esercizi per migliorare il grado di femmilità del proprio corpo

Jan 28

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Jan 27

Pre&Postoperative Voice of Voice Feminization Surgery-Chinese patient

Pre&Postoperative Voice of Voice Feminization Surgery- Chinese patient. Postoperative voice is 3 months later.

Jan 26

Crossdressing Before and After

Bad editing I know, let us know what you think. And thanks everyone for subscribing, 100 already Wow.

Jan 26

Femdom Podcast #3 – Part 6 featuring Mistress Irony and “Slave 2.0” stream their podcast LIVE for the first time! Talking about everything female domination related as well as taking questions from the live chat, skpe calls, talking about behind the scenes of shooting adult entertainment, funny stories and more!

Jan 26

Are there in Femdom or dominatrix groups based in the North Alabama area?

I would like to try to break into that lifestyle but do not know anyone who does that. I am wandering if there are any internet groups based in North Alabama/southern Tennessee area which are free to join and legitimate. Legitimate is huge because all the yahoo groups I have seen had nothing on their message boards but spam or were dead. Or if any female does that and happens to read this but does not belong to a group, you can message me and we can talk.

Jan 25

Deidara & Sasori: Trap / Crossdressing / Feminization

Artwork made by Amena-chan