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Dec 25

What are some mangas with feminization in them?

I’ve read a bunch of TG mangas where boys dress like girls, but none where a girl actually feminizes a boy, transforming him for male to female. Suggestions?

Dec 23

MTF 1 year transition timeline

my transition so far my paypal email is if anyone wants to donate to my transition 🙂 thank you my paypal email is if anyone wants to donate any amount of money.. any amount will be helpful 🙂 all rights to the song “teenage dream” belong to katy perry and capitol records

Dec 23

Taiwanese Crossdressing Stories: My wife is a man

{Turn on “captions” to view subtitle} Photo montage of a crossdressing frictional story. The photos were uploaded by a Taiwanese friend, Juliana more than 10 years ago. They were unavailable for awhile but recently, Juliana is back online with a fantastic blog: I’m putting this up to share with those who like these stories, and a tribute to Juliana.

Dec 23

Fuchsia in bikini applies reverse headscissor armbar

Dec 21


This was me last February (2010). I love playing baby girl sissy boy dress up. Do you? MESSAGE. COMMENT. LIKE AB_DL_FOREVER

Dec 21

Some femdom hypnosis reason ?

Why do I want be hypnotized and controlled by a female ?
Is it normal ?

Dec 20


Dec 20

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #7: Wigs & Hair

Few things change your overall look quite like a new head of hair. However there are a few traps to avoid and hopefully this will help.

Dec 19

Testicular feminization syndrome – N. Vlahos

Testicular feminization syndrome (Androgen resistance) 17yo phenotypicalfemale with primary amenorrhea Normal external genitalia Normal breast development (Tanner III) Aretaieio hospital UOA Surg: Professor Nikolaos Vlahos MD Video editing: George Bouboulis MD Aretaieio Hospital

Dec 17

TH SEEDS Amsterdam Feminized, Cannabis Breeding, Growing by

Adam from THSEEDS talks about feminized, breeding, growing and more.