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Dec 31

8 Month Hormone Effects (before and after)

This is a video demonstrating the effects I’ve had with hormones over the last 8 months. The piano piece is an original improvisation to the slideshow. Feel free to be critical of the pictures, but please not the piano… I started playing in August 2009 and know little of the instrument. If interested, please check my other hormone effect videos for additional pictures.

Dec 31

crossdressing vid 1

Dec 31

What are the best herbs for feminization?

Do you recommend Red Clover or something? What about Estradiol? Estrace?

Dec 29

asian dude fighting with stephanie on the grass

Dec 29

Nini No Bless – Nada/Madam Boy

Nada from album NoBless produced by Denis J. Le Page Madam boy from album Feminization produced by Nini No Bles, Adele music and SOCAN Mixed by DJ L’émir Available on

Dec 28

Crossdressing-Dr.Gabriele Hoff-Part

Part 2 of this interesting interview on CrossDressing. Why to people crossdress? what do they get out of it? what do you do if you want to tell your partner that you are into crossdressing… all this and more with Dr. Gabriele Hoff. You can contact Dr. Gabriele at

Dec 27


Dec 26


Dec 26


dress & stockings

Dec 25

Feminización Facial y corporal, FFS

Se presenta el caso de Feminización de Manuel Rodriguez, famoso y prestigioso modelo Venezolano quien se realizó la feminización para cumplir su mayor anhelo de su vida