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Nov 22

Cirugía de Feminizacion Facial – ( FFS ) Facial Feminization Surgery: Alejandra

Paciente de Facial Team una semana después de cirugía de feminizacion facial en Marbella, España. Facial Feminization Surgery of Alejandra performed by Facial Team in Marbella . The procedures performed by Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon: forehead bone reduction, liplift, nostril reduction, trachea shave. Alejandra came from Holland for this life-changing step in her transition, staying in the hospital for 2 days and returning home only 10 days after surgery. Feminización Facial Cirugía de Alejandra Quito por el Facial Team realizado en Marbella. Los procedimientos realizados por el Dr. Luis Capitán y el Dr. Daniel Simón: reducción osea de frente, reducción fosas nasales, elevación labio superior, reducción traquea. Ella viajó desde Holanda para completar este paso tan importante en su transición. Se quedó 2 noches en hospital y luego volvió a casa después de 10 días post-operatorios.

Nov 21

Crossdresser – Tight Leather Shirt and 5in Heels

Just prancing around in my new leather skirt

Nov 20

Tales of the Imp

Part 1. Darius and the Pumpkin launcher

Nov 20

Forced Feminization Guide

Free Download:

Nov 18

女装Crossdressing in Japan – Part 3 HD – Walking to the Store in Black Micro Dress (Instrumental)

Hihi everyone! This is my 3rd video here on Youtube and I hope that you like watching me walk to the convenience store in this super short dress! Please note that this is a “remake” version with instrumental music only because Youtube muted my other video… But I think it is still ok and besides, this one is in HD! Also I made this video as a thank you and dedication for all my friends and fans who have helped support me so much this past year… you’ve all inspired me to share more about me with your kind hearts and warm words… My other home is on Flickr, where you can read my personal profile and see a lot of other photos, including the first 4 photos used in this video! (^_~) But, if you’re a hater, a sock puppet, and/or just a plain mean person… or if you’re not open-minded and easily offended about gender issues… please find another video to watch… Constructive comments are always welcome! Thank you for all your support! 🙂 よろしくお願いします! Christine_3830

Nov 18

Feminize your male with technology from Femlab

Femlab, the worlds leader in Feminization and robotization technology is proud to announce its latest achievements in this infomercial. You can convert your significant other to a sexy female or sexbot and vastly improve your relationship. Choose a full conversion by Femlab!

Nov 18

Part 4: Secret Public Park Foot Striptease: Grungy, Dirty Socks, Toes and Feet

My sneakers are falling apart. And they’re kinda stinky. Watch me remove them in a public space. I show you the holes in the bottom of my sneakers where I can poke my finger through. The heel is flapping off pretty good on the right sneaker.

Nov 16

FEMINIZATION RHINOPLASTY – Facial Feminization Surgery

Dr. Donde – Transexuals surgery in Milan, Turin and Palermo -Facial Feminization Surgery -FEMINIZATION RHINOPLASTY tel. 320.2376565 –

Nov 15

23 Mick Crossdressing at the Kinosaki Hotel Japan

Our hotel in Kinosaki…heading out to an Onsen in Japanese traditional clothes. I mean no disrespect in the Title of this video, its a joke ; )

Nov 14

Feminization and Surgeries!

My thoughts on implants, and all things artificial.. Do them for you but be sure you are doing them for the right reasons.. Follow me on twitter @tonacity facebook: Tona Brown