Oct 28

女装Crossdressing in Japan – Part 4 HD – Autumn Video & Out In Public In The Day

Hihi everyone! This is my 4th video here on Youtube and I hope that you like seeing my Autumn fashion! I’ve received many warm comments and heart-filled messages, and I greatly appreciate all of them. Thank you so very much! You are my inspiration to sharing more of me with you all! Also, this time, I considered going out in public “dressed down” in casual clothes to try to blend in better, rather than something risque or sexy (thank you Nil for your wonderful friendship and advice!)… and, for the first time ever, I recorded myself out in public, along a busy street with many cars passing by, and in the middle of the afternoon! Yes, I have been out during the day before, but not with so many people around and never have I ever interacting with anyone… so I’d like to consider this to be a first of many firsts! 🙂 My other home is on Flickr, where you can read my personal profile, read my FAQ, and see a lot of other pictures, including the photos used in this video! (^_~) www.flickr.com But, if you’re a hater, a sock puppet, and/or just a plain mean person… or if you’re not open-minded and easily offended about gender issues… please find another video to watch… Constructive comments are always welcome! Thank you for all your support! 🙂 よろしくお願いします! Christine_3830