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Aug 26

Is that make me gay ???????????

I like watching femdom movies and men in pain and this stuff of movies and also lesbian movies , amateur etc
Is that make me gay ?

Aug 26

voice feminization therapy / training?

I’ve seen people who made effective changes to their voices with voice training/therapy. I was just wondering if the level of success varies from person to person based on their body? For example, would age, body size, weight, ethnicity, born vocal anatomy determine how or whether a person would effectively raise their pitch through voice training?

Aug 25

Facial Feminization

Our home pumping party might have gotten a little too out of hand.

Aug 25

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #4: Shopping

Just a few general words on actually purchasing the stuff you need to make yourself pretty.

Aug 24

Im confused, am ii submissive or dominant?

im confused when i watch porn i like to watch femdom a lot, every kind of femdom but when i astually have sex im extremely dominant and i push my girl around like a rag doll and i almost never do what she tells me to do during sex.

Aug 23

ear dragging by girl friend – kavak yelleri – kulak çekme

Girl drags boy by his ear. Aslı Güven in kulağını çekiyo.

Aug 23

How do I stop getting spammed by a Yahoo group that says I am not a member?

I am not a member of but I get tons of spam from this group. I try to go there and remove myself as Yahoo’s useless documentation says but the group says I must join to be a member. There seems to be no way to get rid of this crud and Yahoo has been NO help.

Aug 23

強制女装 VOL5 ヒーロー悪墜ち女装 Forced Feminization by milda7

milda7のメインサイト「女人化研究所」からの編集作品です。 強制女装の妄想に萌えてしまうあなたのお力になるべく日夜創作しております。 下記サイトには本作品並びにさらに多くの強制女装の世界が拡がってます。 是非お越しくださいませ。

Aug 22

i need words that end with “dom”?

its for an activity at school

it has to be a word besides freedom, random and femdom (if thats a word lol)

Aug 22

Casual Crossdressing

I love women’s clothes. Why so much for sale. I really enjoy cross-dressing.