Jul 06

sissy OUT in public

sissy was instructed to get dolled up and gas up her car. It was about 11PM.


  1. I have pumped gas all dolled up but nobody made me do it and i was not as prissy
    looking are she is. i was actually trying to pass. I have to hand it to you. it takes alot of guts to face the world as your sissy self.

  2. i used to do that when i was like 14/15/16, but it was more like a street punk-goth look, i looked practically female at that age anyway so no one ever guessed.. even when i was giving them head for cash to buy drugs.. hehehe..

  3. My heart was beating fast just watching sissy out in public !! Keep it up sissy,your my hero.Please make more,send to my email directly if you want.(tjd_2009@live.com)

  4. i do wonder about vids like this, Thing is the drivers by may think she was at a costume party. Even then a bit embarrassing as she is alone! No date,
    So alone. And she gets pulled over or has a flat tire on the way home!
    I bet hear heart was beating 100 times a second and time stood still.

  5. Glad Im not the only one who forgets to lift the lever hehe. Great video. Need to get a group of sissies and have them do a Chinese fire drill at each stop sign or red light lol

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