Jun 16

crossdresser out in public

crossdressing and going out in public, its very exciting!


  1. @NatalieTG i’m sorry but this is stupid, i am a drag queen yes, not a crossdresser but i do a lot of work on make up with crossdressers and transvestites and why they think they can dress like they’re 16 and yet they’re at least 30 to 50

  2. Uumm n00 that outfit was soo out dated!…that’s like Tokyo drift shit…I mean dA skirt was cute…to do drag in…but those shoes and that top = that’s like old lady shit…and that is not how 16 year olds and younq people dress, now & days.. that’s a fashion victim at it’s qreatest!

  3. I loved looking at your sexy body so much and you are so hot until I would have been over there to help you then offer to take you out to pick up some food and drink so we could get to know each other better. Your legs, and butt is so pretty and I would love to have you in my arms and slow dancing with you.

  4. hey nice oss there call me (916)332-4194 ladies i just cont seem to get a goyle friend you can call too by the way if this is a guy here he looks sexy lol i better take my medicane fellus or i might be doin the same thing lol my name is doug everyone look me up on myspace

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