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Jun 30

Hot femdom joi threetimes

Dieses Video wurde von einem Android-Telefon hochgeladen.

Jun 29

are there feminization sites?

im looking for a site to be able to hook up with a women
who is into that can anyone help?

Jun 29

I’m looking for a good Sci-Fi/Fantasy book…?

Can anyone suggest a good book or series of books that are part of the Sci-fi or Fantasy genre that have a BDSM (Especially a FemDom) element to them?

Jun 28

Crossdressing Reality Show Ep#2 “Getting Amnesia”

Amnesia performances LIVE! Amnesia’s flower hair clips by

Jun 27

Sexy Reverse Headscissor To download the hardcore version of this film.

Jun 27

How can I find Mistress for me?

I’m ready to become sex slave…for femdom…how can i find mistress….if any gal or aunt is interested….plz mail me at im a 19 yr hot guy… ready to please u!!1

Jun 26

Is homosexualization that same as feminization?

Yes. A gayperson has a female brain. And we all know how fragile and weak the female is, and how she always needs a man to come and save her from her own mess that she alone created. Read you Bible! But no one is looking to save fruits and fairies because they’re worse off, and they can’t be put back together again, assuming that they were ever unbroken in the first place. Sorry, but we can only see the outside, not the inside. Shall we put the blame on women and feminism for that world turning out the way that it is right now? Freud does dictate to us to blame the mother!

Jun 25

Crossdressing: Afternoon with Holly

I spent a quiet afternoon in the park recently, and I thought you might like to come along with me for some of the walk. I would love the company…

Jun 25

FEMDOM – Part 12

Je poursuis le récit de mes mésaventures. Tous prêts? On y va – Prossigo o relato das minhas desgraças. Todos prontos? Vamos a isso / MUSIC: George McRae – Rock your baby + Ricky Nelson – For you + Chubby Checker – Let’ s Twist again!

Jun 25

Why won’t anyone answer this question?

I asked this question and nobody answered I’m looking for some a mobile porn site including gays/ crossdresser/ femdom/ gay fetish/ female domintion. Why won’t anyone answer this and if you can please help!