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May 26

FHRA “Hypnotist Competition” Available now available now hypnosis, hypnose, female hypnotist Femdom mind control ipnose

May 25

Is Western society undergoing a social feminization?

I hear people say we are becoming a more equal in regards to gender. But I really feel like we are just making the whole society more feminine by making behaviors associated with males, as bad. Is this really happening and is it too late to stop it?

May 24

John Gets Feminized

John freaks out while he’s getting make up on for a TOK skit

May 24

Do some links posted in questions reveal way more about the asker than you ever wanted to know?

A recent question linked to a femdom appliance and I have to say that the asker MUST be SERIOUSLY into that because as into it as I am, this one was new to ME.

BQ: is this product degrading to men? (workplace safe medical device website but it may offend nevertheless)

May 23

Vicki Vegotta #2 – Crossdressing Help & Advice

Thank You For Subscribing!! Please Rate Thumbs Up!! Vicki has returned. . . .not for the sensitive MY BLOG – MY TWITTER – http

May 22

FEMDOM – Part 3

Dusty Springfield – Mama said + Tom Jones – A minute of your time (+ Take me) + Albert West – Sealed with a kiss – Este vídeo é mais apimentado, admitámo-lo / Cette vidéo est plus osée, admettons-le.

May 22

It Does Matter (stop feminizing male sports teams)

For those of you that don’t think it matters when we feminize male sports teams, here’s why it does matter.

May 22

Who will be the boss of the day? Brazil or North Korea on June 15, 2010?

foolball question — who is better football player ? One hot Brazilian soccer femdom babe vs North Korea’s of leader Kim Jong-il and his three clones?

I bet she will whip their platonic butts for sure.

May 22

Facial Feminization Enough?

Is FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) alone enough to allow a man to pass as a woman? Or do you think you can always tell the difference?

May 20

Advice for becoming a dominatrix?

Hi I am a call girl working in Reading, England. I would like to get into dom/femdom and can anyone give me any tips on outfits/make up hair etc and generally how to act?