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Mar 31

How can I ask a girl if I can lick her feet?

I would be a slave. I love femdom.
I would massage, kiss and lick a Mistress’s feet.
But.. how can I ask to be her slave? Or.. how can I know if a girl would allow me to do it? I can’t simply tell "Can I be your slave and link your foot?" ..please help me! I really need it.
PS: I should ask it to a 13-20 years old girl.
I’m Italian and I posted a reason in Italian’s Yahoo! Answers. Now i post it here too, translated.

Mar 30

searching the key – handcuffed crossdresser

Mar 30

Voice Feminization Surgery

The video shows a voice of pre & post of Voice Feminization Surgery.

Mar 29

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Mar 29

Femdom – Battle of the sexes?

I was always wondering who would win battle of the sexes if there were any dispute about control of the world between two genders – male and female. I have always imagined who would win in case that both sides choose just one "warrior" for their side a the winner from this battle will bring a power and control all over the world.

Just wondering that in case that both warrior would be in arena and each of them can choose every weapon or everything they want to bring their opponent on knees.

I can imagine how men would choose a macho type man, strong, masculine warrior with sword or something like that.

On the other side women will choose some abolutely gorgeous stunning jung Lady in fantastic lingerie, with stockings and high heels that can easily seduce him and cunningly beat him…

So, who would win?;-)

Mar 28

Does anyone like forced feminization as a mistress?

Mar 28

Sen. Scott Renfroe on the “feminization” of Colorado boys

From the Colorado Senate, 3/11/2011.

Mar 27

Professional photoshoot of Crossdresser Vivian

It was a great day. Vivian as a shining centerpiece. Look at: of

Mar 27

Femdom or how to be a Femdon?

My gf and I have a Very Dom/sub relationship. This is her first time being in such a relationship and I am at a loss as to what to tell her. I don’t know of any websites or books to recommend to her. This is NOT a BDSM relationship by any stretch, but I am an AB and she is my Mommy. But Like I said, this is our first and if any one knows of web sites, books or personal advise, mainly for her, since emotionally I have always ben a sub. But she is a Dom in a loving, kind, caring, nurturing manner. So, we are looking to learn!

Mar 26

Foot show, stomach trampling with fitness girls Latia, Lisa and Courtney

New girls and videos being added for viewers at requests are still coming in and we’re going to try to fulfill them as best we can. Please share this with your friends, comment, like or favor, and don’t forget to SUB! Thanks all !