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Feb 23

Dude Caught Cross Dressing!!

full story with pics at

Feb 22

is femdom gay…plz answer?

Feb 22

the effect of testicular feminization syndrome and explain how normal steroid hormone action is altered ?

please give as much detail as possible !! THANK YOU !!!

Feb 21

Kicking girls in action : Tonight on TozaniTV : The Leslie Show –

tozani preview: face kicking karate girls in action ! high kicks, punches in a great comedy action movie ! Leslie had the idea to show her skills on her human punchingball… Until he decided to strike back. What a bad idea ! 12’36” AVAILABLE IN 720p !

Feb 20

My wife caught me viewing a BDSM/FemDom website and is angry. Any sugestions.?

Feb 19

Pretty Transvestite Bride Bridesmaid Transgender Crossdressing Tranny presents Transvestite Bridesmaid. Satine, Maise, Rowena and Tania are all waiting for the bridesmaid to arrive to check the fitting of the bridesmaid dress. Her brother the driver arrives but no bridesmaid. As her brother is the perfect size for the dress he has to replace the real bridesmaid for the dress fitting.

Feb 19

Can anybody tell me about involuntary feminization? Has anybody experienced this?

Feb 18

What are some good online forums to discuss dominance/submission?

Any input on the subject of femdom is welcome.

Feb 18

Erotic Hypnosis Crystal Induction With Cleopatra of London

As I guide you through my seductive arsenal of hypnotic toys, here is a familiar favourite with which I would like to wipe your mind blank now. It’s a small crystal, but never doubt, a small crystal can hypnotise you, and place you in a deep, dreamy trance before you realise how deep in trance you are. A small crystal can be so powerful, coupled with my voice, and my words. When will you be ready to submit, NOW? Doyou live in Tokyo, or will you be in Tokyo, Japan this October, 2010? Then this is your chance for a live session with a skilled female hypnotist bringing your fantasies and your subconscious mind together. Live sessions with me in Tokyo, Japan in October 2010. Contact me for details.

Feb 18

Smoking Fetish Black Mistress Burns Cigarettes…Funny Sexy Video! Black Queen Lara in 2040

I GAVE MYSELF A MATURE FACE TREATMENT FOR THIS VIDEO. RATE IT! Black Mistress Lara Victore’s Gucci high heels shoes, leather gloves, Louis Vuitton purse and shawl, cigarette and no make-up. This Video speaks for itself. Again a webcam moment on July 24, I might as well send it to Life in a day. I needed my just waking up voice and non-rinsed soap on my face to create fake wrinkles effect (In French, fausses rides avec savon non rincĂ©e). This video has cut my smoking craving in 2 and I am on my way to show this lamentable addiction the door!