Feb 23

Aeroflo 56, Green Giant x Ak-47 feminized cannabis grow

www.bestseedbank.com Best Seed Bank Reviews, Ratings. If you are thinking of buying Marijuana Cannabis seeds you really need to check out Best Seed Bank first! all the latest Seed Bank Reviews left by real people. Archived grow from april 2005 by heath robinson. Here is my Aeroflo 56 running for the first time, there are 40 Green Giant x Ak-47 feminized grown from cuttings, and 10 Green Giant feminized seed plants and a couple of clone only strains towering at the back. They are on day 19 of 12/12. Its the first time I have run an Aeroflo and I have to say they are a nice bit of kit, I have heard a few horror stories about how temprimental they can be but so far so good. This is also my first run with Spice Bro’s Green Giant x Ak-47 and so far its the perfect Sog strain with buds running the length of the plant The Green Giants and the clones were really too big to put into this system but I thought bugger it!