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Jan 24

Any guys into Femdom?

Are any guys here like me, into women who are dominant and aggressive? (Doesn’t necessarily have to mean violent though) Just the state of mind when a woman takes control.

Jan 23


Mother Cheryl Kilodavis, author of “My Princess Boy,” defends her 5-year-old son’s perference to play dress-up in pink, sparkly costumes over building blocks and trucks, saying society needs to be more aware of acceptance 5 year old boy dresses like a little girl NBC Interview (January…

Jan 23

Is this too far fetched for facial feminization surgery?

Just out of curiosity. I’m not actually a transgender who wants to undergo surgery, but I got really bored with photoshop one day and made a feminine version of my face. I’m sure it’s far fetched but can something like this actually be achievable through surgery?


Jan 22

Does anyone know of any good femdom webpages or links?

I am looking for some good ones

Jan 21

Black ripped femdom female bodybuilder she loves dominating men. To download the full movie visit our blog. Black ripped female bodybuilder from shemusclegym

Jan 20

Lea’s Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr Bart

Lea had her Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with Dr Bart van de Ven ( in Ghent (Belgium).

Jan 20

Cross-dressing student caught in girls dorm A Taiwan university student was embarrassed after he was caught in the female dorm of a rival university wearing women’s clothing.

Jan 20

Please give me a free feminization hypnosis!!?

I am a boy wanting to be a girl will someone give me a free feminization hypnosis video!!???

Jan 20

I caught my brother watching femdom porn, is he gay?

I was kind of suspecting of him watching something forbidden because the internet history gets deleted everyday, but yesterday i accidentally caught him watching this porn of women torturing, dominating and having sex with men with strapon dildos…does that mean that he is gay or extremely pervert? He is only 17

Jan 19

Brahamamudi Episode – Part 3, 26th October Telugu serial, Gemini TV

Brahamamudi – Telugu serial, Gemini TV