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Dec 25

how to stop femdom hypnosis?

I recently started mainly curious some femdom hypnosis lessons and slave training mind training stuff…
They do DAMN work and i like them but to be honest i’m too scared to continue and i want somehow to escape them and stop thinking her because of her half way done brainwash stuff(it do work)

Any ideas or links to help me stoping this kind of brainwash and mind control?
It’s pretty hard to control it and i do need to cut it!!!


ps: this is i think not the way religious brainwash works so i can’t find anything relative on google.. :/

Help anyone?

Dec 24

Eileen Fisher goes shopping in Munchen crossdressed

Eileen Fisher goes shopping in Munich, Big city in Germany. Eileen is a transgender m to f , who loves to do citytrips, taking pictures and enjoy life!

Dec 24

Forced Feminization thoughts, but not really-why?Could it be a fetish?

Not only do I get thoughts of wanting to crossdress, but I also get thoughts of being forced to crossdress. I am not sure if this is a fantasy/fetish, a mental issue, or something that I should give a try. Next, I am not even sure why I am thinking like this.

Any thoughts

Dec 23

female vs male fight montage

Montage of heroines using their legs to powerful effect. male vs female women beat men girl vs men butt kicking babe femdom female supremacy ball bust strong legs high kick victory pose kicking male butt mixed fighting sexy fight nutbust lycra groin kick male submission…

Dec 23

whats the difference between a bdsm submissive and a femdom slave?

this is another area where there is much confusion. once you have establish your in to femdom, there is more always start off as a bottom. this means you simply like to play, nothing more. a submissive is some one who has graduated from that and has decided they are going to exclusively be submissive. in that role you are somewhat commited, but still have choices in what you do , how you do it, for instance you may see a domme and tell what want and how you like it. after several yrs of being submissive you might long for something , more committed and more permant. also much more specialized for both the domme and sub. this is called being a slave.
as a slave , your giving complete control of your self to the domme, by your own choice. no one is forcing you in to are her property,and really have no choice in anything past this point, you belong to her.
its her responsibility to take of you in all ways.and you will obey her every word. its also you job to please and pleasure her in all ways, and i mean all ways. ( use your imagination ). i takes huge a huge amount of trust on the part of a submissive to take this step, and it will not work with out it. by the same token as her property, she must take excellent care of you in all ways. its a very very committed relationship. many actually think it is stronger than marriage vows, i certainly do in my relationship with my owner. I have been with HER
going on 12 yrs now and i am as happy as can be and content. the same goes for her with me. i would love to hear what others think about this.

Dec 21

trans-passing-MtF/feminization//everyday makeup///tips

vry long video. i go over how to help your appearance look more feminine, highlight and contouring, blush colors and application, fake eyelashes, a little natural/minimal eye makeup, lipsticks and liners, and a lot more. if you’re looking for a vid that can help with ‘passing’ and just femininity tips when it comes to your makeup, this is the video for you.

Dec 21

is there in beirut any mistress or femdom club ?

Dec 21

Boys dressed like girls / young crossdresser

Boys dressed like girls / young crossdresser

Dec 21

which over the counter hormone drugs are available in india for feminization to be shemale?

i dont think word shemale dero , and no i dont have prob with prospect as pros as well

Dec 20

@goddesssimone [Foot fetish tease clip]

@goddesssimone [Foot fetish tease clip] posted September 12th 2010 03:06am from TwitVid –