Dec 21

Boys dressed like girls / young crossdresser

Boys dressed like girls / young crossdresser


  1. Second one’s so pretty :D

    The Group of kids is cute X3

    Pink dress girl’s cute too :o

    Pink socks at :31 sec in looks like they might be doing something for school :o

    The ones right after her are cute too

    1:22 needs to stop with the pig tails and off-set gigantic breasts…other than that thumbs up ^-^

    Omg 1:26 is so cool! :D He looks so pretty X3

    OMG That one in the sequin dress is so friggin pretty X3 I’m the same way yet I’m not nearly as good >.>

  2. @rimokina Niywit! A “Queer” (homosexual) is a guy who is sexually attracted to other men. While some gays Crossdress, its mainly a hetro thing–for various reasons eg. fetish turn ons, SM humiliation, thrill seeking and identity play.–etc.

  3. The one with the orange headband had on way too much makeup, but the look balanced out with the wig. They were all very cute/lucky boys.

    BTW haters, if you do not like a video then don’t watch it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what these boys are doing.

  4. There is nothing disturbing about the video. That people still have narrow minded views on clothing in this day and age, is beyond me.

    The only disturbing thing here are a lot of the comments (if they are 18+). “Drooling” over children when you are a mature person, is just sick.

  5. @lastwhiteman23 How? By criticizing people who’d label a male as defective for wanting to express his feminine side? Where is it cut in granite that males have to be hard, stoic, rough and warmongering 24/7?

  6. @mannecyberguy This goes a bit farther then expressing once feminine side. This is depravity. If you see this as normal and ok then you probably have some sort of chemical imbalance in your head.

  7. @lastwhiteman23 Maybe not whatever constitutes ‘normal’, how could this be depraved if the participants aren’t hurting anybody with what they’re doing?

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