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Dec 31

Femdom and Forced Bi – is it very common?

I got into femdom and got involved with an older woman. She forced me into doing bi stuff with her husband which I enjoyed. Looking at femdom websites, there is often forced bi. Is this common? (I am now full gay by the way).

Dec 30

Crossdressing Histories

some of my favourite pics (if I may be so vain) from the past couple of years…yes the odd ones too:)

Dec 30

Does evening primrose contribute to body feminization ?

As a transgender, I’ve been taking primrose oil daily before I start my hormones. does it have any contribution ?

Dec 29

effeminate boys and hyper-feminized girls..bought to you by science part 2

i interview Dr. Carlos Sonnenschein on the proliferation of Xenoestrogens and other chemicals that are affecting and changing gender lines, in animals and human beings..

Dec 29

Are you aware of catholic intelligentsia trying to promote feminism & femdom in protestant countries like US?

By intelligentsia i mean those involved in the media and politics.Italian and french fashion magazines,US catholics,freemasons, jesuits etc have one thing in common-they all promote feminism and femdom(read destruction of society) in USA and other protestant countries.Why can’t these ***** do it in their own countries like italy and france?…

Answer is because they want to destroy protestant society and make it non viable by injecting hatred between men and women-through feminism and femdom.Long term counter reformation agenda of vatican is to destroy protestant society through Jesuit-freemason(sub organization of jesuits) by causing hatred between men and women through feminism and femdom.are you prots even aware of this?…

Remember Jesus said be CLEVER like snakes and harmless like doves.Are you being clever by allowing these vices to destroy your society?…also even if you evade from this question Jesus will continue to build his church and in the process idolatrous ‘churches’ like catholicism,orthodoxy and mainline protestantism degraded by catholic counterreformation agenda of feminism working through Jesuit-freemason axis will get destroyed and all earth will be encompassed by final protestant church-that is God’s church visit for more understanding.
catholics are trying to destroy protestantism through feminist agenda.Catholics(jesuits not lay people) very well know feminism and sexual perversions like femdom will only destroy any society in the long they inject lies of feminism and femdom to protestant society through their secret jesuit -freemason axis.Freemasonry is only a sub-organization of jesuits so they can effectively infiltrate and destroy protestantism,that is why freemasonry mostly exists in protestant areas.also you said feee masons donot take in women-that is utterly wrong.infact freemasonry was one of the first international organisation to allow women to become members as co -masons (… ).this was to advance feminism and femdom in traditional protestant country.If you still not believe look at the decline of mainline protestantism in traditional protesant countries-see the reality…………

Dec 29

femdom Dance long fingernails fetish (shiva)

pleasure…. enjoyment

Dec 27

Cross-dressing Alex! – After You’ve Gone – BBC sitcom

Molly sneaks out, causing Jimmy and Alex to team up and cover the crisis from Mother-in-Law Diana. Great video from BBC show After You’ve Gone.

Dec 27

How much does it cost for female feminization surgery ?

how much would it cost for ffs ?

and before starting estrogen will it have some effect on my face so i wouldnt have to have ffs ?
im 16 yrs old but the only thing is my adams apple so
if i wouldnt need ffs
how much would it be for getting rid of your adams apple ?

Dec 27

how to stop femdom hypnosis?

I recently started mainly curious some femdom hypnosis lessons and slave training mind training stuff…
They do DAMN work and i like them but to be honest i’m too scared to continue and i want somehow to escape them and stop thinking her because of her half way done brainwash stuff(it do work)

Any ideas or links to help me stoping this kind of brainwash and mind control?
It’s pretty hard to control it and i do need to cut it!!!


ps: this is i think not the way religious brainwash works so i can’t find anything relative on google.. :/

Help anyone?

Dec 26

female supremacy fight montage

From “Chuck”, “VIP”, “Dark Angel”, “Wilde Engel”