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Nov 25

How to properly train my bdsm slave ?

Okay so im new to this but i do hope this topic is YA approp.I was really wondering since i am really interested in bdsm and "owning" a mans emotions, actions, tone of voice and a submissive men that possibly I need to perfect my Femdom skills!;) All SERIOUS tips will be valued … And oh yeah i love being a freak!;)

Nov 24

Cross Dressing Boy Gets Kicked Out Of School

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Nov 24

Feminization changes and you, step 1 of 2 has your solution to make the feminization change in your life easier. The secret is to take action and learn to accept who you really are. Transgender transformation can be easier and is starting to gain popularity and acceptance. Step 2 is at the link above.

Nov 24

do you beleive in the so called feminization of poverty?

or that most homeless today are single women with young children?

Nov 23

I am a guy of 24… I get attracted to dominant girls… I often visit femdom?

I often visit femdom sites and try to contact dominant fems… however I ve never come across any dominant fem frm my country… which makes me so incomplete… I wish i have a Mistress to be at her feet…. I need to know, is this kink or fetish in me…weird??.. where can i find a mistress and how?

Nov 23


A lonely guy surfs the web to find girls but gets way in over his head. In this scene, he decides to visit a kinky little dungeon he stumbled onto when looking thru the internet. This is part of a movie called CHAT that has not been picked up for distribution yet. If you want to see more, please say so.

Nov 22

Forced Feminization of Walt and Michael – Preview

find the full video here

Nov 21

Does anyone know of a good FemDom or fetish social networking website?

I’m looking for something with real people, it seems there are a lot of fake profiles or people just living a fantasy.

Nov 21

Does voice feminization therapy have any permanent effects on your voice?

Will it become second nature? Will you still retain your old voice?
Thanks a ton, guys. I really appreciate the answers! :). I’d choose the best answer, but it’s too hard to choose!

Nov 21

Cross dressing Clothing behind the scenes Presentation

To better inform you about our special crossdresser clothing line, we have made this short video presentation about how our styles are created and made at Suddenly Fem Designs and manufactures all of our crossdress clothing and accessories for the male to female crossdresser. We hope this video give you more insight into the value that you receive when purchasing Crossdressing lingerie, panties, wigs, breastforms, clothing , hiding Gaffs, tucking Gaffs and accessories from Suddenly Fem. We give you a peek into our design processes, our fabric cutting rooms, our factories, and more. Take this small video tour and you too will understand why Suddenly Fem is the best source in the USA for clothing and accessories for the transvestite, cross dresser, transvestite, or transsexual who wants quality, sophistication and fashion forward designs. Be Stylish, Be Sexy, and Trust Suddenly Fem to Look your Best! Browse our selection at http