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Oct 26

Is There Femdom On Real ?

I know that there are porn sites for female domination arts for it, but is there female domination on real, does men sometimes being dominated by female or raped by females?

Oct 26

Transgender Feminization Hypnosis Session

Visit for a FREE feminization hypnosis MP3 mini-session!

Oct 25

are girls in India aware about femdom?..Indian girls do reply?

If yes, they are they scared about coming out in the open and owing a slave..or they plainly Ignorant
why they do keep it in the bedroom talks

Oct 24

Celebrity Virtual Facial Feminization ‘FFS’

This video shows virtual Facial feminization on some famous people. I don not own ny of the images as they were made by the very talented Alexandra who does virtual FFS for anyone intrested here is a link to her site. sorry for no music this is my first video and my music is all on itunes and i don’t know how to get it on widowows movie maker. Enjoy xx

Oct 24

Looking for online feminization partner?

I’m a 25 year old guy and have had a cross-dressing / feminization fetish for a long time and want to find a domme/mistress/partner to correspond with to lead me down the path.

Oct 24

Crossdressing Reality Show “Getting Amnesia”

Amnesia goes to rehearsal and things do not go smoothly. watch the first episode of “Getting Amnesia”

Oct 24


Wanted – Angelina Jolie Resident Evil, Ultraviolet – Milla Jovovich The Mummy Returns – Rachel Weisz Terminator 3 – Kristanna Loken Underworld – Kate Beckinsale Stardust – Michelle Pfeiffer Basic Instinct – Sharon Stone Matrix – Carrie-Anne Moss Kill bill – Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah Terminator 3 – Kristanna Loken Elektra – Jennifer Garner X-men – Famke Janssen Goldeneye – Xenia Onatopp Snowqueen – Bridget Fonda Queen of the Damned – Aaliyah Mutant X – Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt) Sin City – Devon Aoki (Miho), Goldie TRON: Legacy – Olivia Wilde Sleeping Beauty – Maleficent Van Helsing Basic Instinct – Sharon Stone Femme Fatale – Rebecca Romjin Sleeping beauty – Maleficent

Oct 22

Deos Female Domination(FEMDOM) Sex (as shown in web) really exist…?

If so and anybody has an experiance.. pls do share with us…

Oct 22

Art of Feminization.wmv

Art of Feminization

Oct 21

What are the mechanisms of feminization? What incentives are being used to make men cooperate?

It can’t be sex since we’re constantly being told that "nice guys" have to beg for sex and "manginas" have to just give up all hope, while "bad boys" are apparently getting lots and lots of sex.

So, if sex isn’t the mechanism by which men are being feminized, what is?
Propaganda doesn’t provide an incentive though. I mean, if there’s no reward for being feminized, why do it just because the pop culture says it’s good? And if the media are so persuasive, how do "bad boys" resist?