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Sep 24

Feminize Me Hypnosis

This is a sample of one of my Feminization Hypnosis MP3 found at Feminize Me is a hypnosis MP3 to help you find the woman within.

Sep 23

Femme Fatale – Betty – Parte 2

Twisted Tales Directly From My Heart To You (Season 1, Episode 11)

Sep 23

Is female dominant sex(femdom) is harmful…??? ?

if so why many are interested..?? if not why it does not exists in INDIA…???

Sep 22

How much is facial feminization surgery?

I’m only 20 years old and 75% passable but want to increase that by 25% so I can be 100%.

I’ll save my money so the pricing isn’t really an issue, but I was just wondering what’s does this surgery range from?

and do you have to be diagnosed with GID before they do this surgery or is that just for the SRS?
Thanks L <3
haha okay elle. im sure.

Sep 22

Trans gender feminization example 6

CLICK: example of how feminization can change attitude, hair style, make up, dress sense, and be more feminine after using deep hypnosis. In later videos you’ll see how male to female transgenders can change their voice using hypnosis, how they change their gestures and facial expressions, and their posture standing and walk

Sep 20

where in the world would a man look for a femdom in a really small town?

How can a man find a fem Dom in a small town. As it would be unheard of here but there must be some ladies that enjoy it

Sep 20

GcupBitch cuckold keyholder tease deny femdom domme – http – For a custom video request: Can you do a video where you are wearing tiny chastity cage keys on a necklace dangling in your heart stopping cleavage please. It would be a tease and denial type video where you control the key to my chastity cage and will probably never let me get hard and cum again. Just be your clean up cuckold after you return from dates with real men. Because real men can cum anytime they want, and little dick cuckolds stay locked in chastity and just perform clean up duties. That is as close as I get to cumming is eating real mens cum from and off of your amazing body.

Sep 19

Facial Feminization Surgery 2: Procedures and Goals.

Here I discuss procedures that can be done to physically make a more masculine skull more feminine. I also discuss differences in goals ranging from Amanda Lepore (you can google her if you like) to the girl next door. Myself? Well… watch and see!:)

Sep 19

why dos Liberalism encourage the feminization of men?

think about it for a sec here. back in the day ladies liked real men lik John Wayne & Clint Eastwood. now they lik Robert Pattinson & the Jonas Sisters

Sep 18

Guys, have you ever experienced Femdom (Female Domination)?

If yes, what was it like? Would you do it again?

One thing to disclaimer, I believe that this form of domination is not about violence but about giving yourself in trust to one that is more dominant than you.