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Aug 25

what exactly is the feminization of poverty?

and some examples?

Aug 24

Metrosexual Feminization Funny Cartoon Comedy Joke for Women in 3D Transforming Husband

Do you wish you could change your man? See what happens when Little Miss WomanSaver puts an unsatisfied wife’s husband into our FEMINIZATION MACHINE and turns him from a macho heterosexual into a homerosexual. A funny relationship joke for women about feminization and metrosexuals. Another relationship and dating cartoon comedy video brought to you by Little Miss WomanSaver of www.WomanSavers.comFREE Date Screening Service, one of the most popular womens websites on the internet. Research and rate BEFORE you date to promote safer and smarter dating decisions. Follow us at * Creator of funny cartoon comedy jokes and humor for women about infidelity, cheating men, adultery, dating and relationships.

Aug 24

Can I be sexually Dominated by any Female(FEMDOM)….?

I am a 24 male from Bangalore, India.. likes FEMDOM(female domination) {for meaning refer FEMDOM in google search)… i think Femdom is harmfull… does women likr FEMDOM…???Is it necessory to pay the dominator…???

Aug 23

Kicking girls in action : I need a shrink

tozani preview: face kicking karate girls in action ! high kicks, punches in this poor man’s face, in a great comedy action, mixed fighting movie

Aug 22

Trans gender feminization example 2

CLICK: example of how feminization can change attitude, hair style, make up, dress sense, and be more feminine after using deep hypnosis. In later videos you’ll see how male to female transgenders can change their voice using hypnosis, how they change their gestures and facial expressions, and their posture standing and walk

Aug 22

my boyfriend wants me to be a femdom, how do i go about it w/o being violent or a sadist?

It’s more of a intimacy thing, and he trusts me enough not to go insane on him and hurt hime or anything so what do you suggest? i am a complete newb when it comes to this…

Aug 22

In Thailand, how much less does Facial Feminization Surgery cost compared to the US’s prices?

and are the doctors just as qualified as the doctors in the US?

Aug 22

Crossdresser Changing Dresses

My first new video for you guys. Sorry its not the greatest I was really tired when it was made. But let me know if you think the dresses are cute!

Aug 20

The Transgender Manual – Feminization Tips Just a run through of my personal skin and hair care routines. Hope it helps Feminization blog:

Aug 20

Ladies: If a guy told you that he enjoyed femdom…?

And you took him home and dress him as a girl. What would you force him to wear/do