Aug 03

Neighbor Caught Crossdressing

I caught my crossdressing neighbor on video putting on his girly things.


  1. Seriously, you’ve never heard of loft space or the industrial look? It’s a heating duct in my neighbors apartment. His bedroom is on the lofted space over the main apartment.

  2. 2 each his or her own, my Daughter was viewing this, laughing at it, until i point out how would you like if someone set up a Camera, and posted u in the Shower over the Internet, How would u feel, would it be Funny then, this is a invasion of a persons Privacy, i’m not on His side, my point being, doing this is in direct violation of his privacy, and could ruin his life, thats not your decision to make.

    to the person who did this, lets set up a camera out side of your window, 2morrow.

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