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Jul 27

Sexy Dominant Woman 2

Video of a sexy young dominant woman wrestling a weak man id like to trade videos i have many so if you have any lets trade

Jul 26

Feminization Machine Turns Guy into Metrosexual – Funny Cartoon Comedy Joke for Women.

Do you wish you could change your man? See what happens when Little Miss WomanSaver puts an unsatisfied wifes husband into our FEMINIZATION MACHINE and turns him from a macho heterosexual into a homerosexual. Another relationship and dating cartoon comedy video brought to you by Little Miss WomanSaver of www.WomanSavers.comFREE Date Screening Service, one of the most popular womens websites on the internet. Research and rate BEFORE you date to promote safer and smarter dating decisions. Follow us at * Creator of funny cartoon comedy jokes and humor for women about infidelity, cheating men, adultery, dating and relationships.

Jul 25

What advice would you give a man in a femdom relationship?

Jul 25

Man Stroke Woman – Cross Dressing with subtitles

Series 2 of Man Stroke Woman, where a woman decide that her man could be cross-dressing, with subtitles

Jul 24

What are the best NATURAL herbs, or OTC drugs to use for male feminization?

I have been wanting to feminize my husband for some time now, and would like to know which natural herbs, or over-the-counter drugs would work best for this purpose. I am not concerned with time frames, but would like to see results within at least three months. I have been giving him Estroven, because I was told that it may provide mild to moderate changes.

Jul 24

ear pulling by Patricia Heaton from everybody loves raymond

Dizide kadın kocasının kulağını çekiyor.

Jul 24

Transgender Voice Feminization Surgery II

This is another clip of pre & post operation of Voice Feminization Surgery. She had a very low tone of voice before the surgery, but the tone got a lot higher after the surgery.

Jul 23

can some one tell me a site where I can get stories of maternal femdom?

Jul 22

Cross Dressing Teen Jonathan Escobar (ORIGINAL the real story)

Kid withdrawls from school after school says he can not dress like a girl

Jul 21

What do you think about the feminization of men?

Don’t try and deny it.

Does anyone else feel like with each passing day, heterosexuality is becoming known as sexism and intolerance?

What do you think about it? It personally pisses me off.