Jul 16

Caught Crossdressing

My little bro was dressing up in a dress and a wig putting on makeup and he left the door barley cracked… This was, yet it wasn’t planned. I had told my little bro to try on the tress for something I was getting him to ear as a gag. What he didn’t know is that i was going to record him.


  1. I’m with Lynne & Gebderbender but I hope you realized the seriousness of your actions and have made amends by being supportive of your brother & are actually helping him to be more accepting of his need to dress and you help him with his makeup and hair care.

  2. After seeing the “What is a…” video of yours, I thought to myself, “hell, let me check out some more videos by her”. This crossdressing brother of yours is the same brother you called a juggalo, right? If so, then damn. Just, damn. I mean, it was so much love for him in one video, and then complete embarrassment in the other. Better hope his peers didn’t see this… I mean, if they’re not into the whole crossdressing thing that is :D

  3. If this is staged [which it seems to be] then this is more than enough reason to have you ejected from the internet for not submittng anything even remotely useful.

    If it’s not staged then, I assume you’re trying to humiliate him because you’re brother makes a more attractive female than you do.

  4. @Bloganon It wasn’t that big of a deal later, we actually sat down and laughed about it later and said he was ok whit it being on youtube. He was more mad that I didn’t make him aware I was going to record.

  5. @TheKiemaster ya i agree. but in todays society, its “ok” to be a man. but to be a woman is “degrading” like that Madonna song. “do you know, what it feels like, for a girl” ya know. idk the name but yea.

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