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Jun 25

What is your favorite Forced Feminization or Transformation fantasy?

I think that I pretty much have this one down, but in the interest of science, I’d like to know what your favorite forced feminization or transformation fantasy is about.

Jun 25

Why is it that a male wearing female clothes is called crossdressing, but not a female wearing male clothes?

I find that really odd.
Because I mean, what would the females dressing as male wear to actually be considered crossdressing?


Jun 24

I think I may be a femdom after all, where can I find more info on this?

My boyfriend really likes what we did this after noon and he said I would make a great femdom and he would love being my submissive. Where do I learn more about this at and how do I become an expert in this?

Jun 23

Huge muscular Mistress blonde beauty flexing her massive muscles

Tall blonde viking flexing and pumping her huge arms. 5’10” and 230 pounds of hard female muscle. Female bodybuilder Femdom Mistress will control easily you little boy. A True AMAZON in bodystockings and G-String thong going down that HARD ROCK BUBLE BUTT RIPPED THICK ASS.

Jun 23

“Finding Your Female Voice” Vocal Feminization – Music Scales This is an examination of the musical scales involved in gendered vocal speaking from Deep Stealth’s “Finding Your Female Voice” vocal feminization method for MTF (male to female) transsexual women who wish to improve their female voice. The full program includes over 50 exercises on DVD, guided by voice authority Andrea James, with accompanying audio CD, free PDF workbook download and optional DVDs on subjects including using a spectrogram to improve your progress, makeup for transsexual women, discussion your transition with family, friends and your job, plus much more! More info at http

Jun 22

How do I stop fantasizing about feminization?

Alot of my fantasies have been about me being feminized by a woman. Feminization is a BDSM activity where a mistress or dominant woman changes the gender of a submissive man. Cross-dressing and other activities are invovled designed to make the man "feminine". Recently, I have visited this website about feminization and I have come to conclusion based on what i read and saw in that website that feminization is homosexual. I am a heterosexual man. Therefore, I should not fantasize like this. So how do I move away from this crap.
Ok, no one answered my question, and I’m worried about myself

Jun 22

How can I make myself look skinney while crossdressing?

I’m a teenage boy a little on the tubby side. I want to look skinney while im crossdressing (which is something i do). A corset is out of the question. Any Ideas?

Jun 21

Locked In Lace – Forced Feminization 101

This is a video presentation of the Forced Feminization 101 essay at Locked In Lace (original text and images by Melissa Daniels and Renee Carter). The original essay can be found here: Locked In Lace is an adults-only site for interactive forced feminization. It’s home to the M&R Corporation and Lacy Place roleplaying games, as well as many other fun girly distractions. So, as long as you’re over 18, please feel free to stop by, and don’t forget to register if you want to join in the fun! All we ask is that you take your time looking around, and get to know the basic rules and guidelines, so you don’t rush in and upset people or get confused. — Key Links – Locked In Lace Home (The 3 Core Rules): Getting Started At LiL, Forum Effects & Images Tutorial Forced Feminization 101: Role Play Etiquette: IC vs OOC (Do YOU know the difference?): Some thoughts about posting & IC/OOC: M&R Corporation Q&A: Lacy Place Q&A: — Note: This is an unofficial user-produced video, which has not been approved or endorsed by the site owners. It is merely a gesture of goodwill on my part towards the site.

Jun 21

Where is a good link for a set of femdom rules?

my gf wants to know a list of them. Thanks in advance.

Jun 20

femdom´s new patent leather boots part 1

going with joung femdom shoeshopping – patent leather overknees – back at her house she did a little fashionshow