Jun 11

Forced Feminization in Prison

Author TJ Parsell discusses forced feminization and rape in prison. Lecture given at UCLA Law School. Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man’s Prison


  1. I dont know whether its Forced Feminization, but I heard from a gay prison inmate that it is easier to take the form of a woman in prison so that the other inmates will take it easier on you, instead of just coming off as a normal gay dude.

  2. I read Mr. Parsells book. This was a very good book. I found it to be very touching, and eye opening. For Mr. Parsells to be as open and strong about what happened to him, while forced to submit, is in itself quite a story. Thank you for writing such a good book.

  3. Wasn’t there some guy from Indiana about 10 years ago who was suing the correction system there due to the psych trauma he experienced from some of the same issues Mr. Parsells mentions.(forced fem) I think he was young-20 something-and only in prison for 2.5 years on a drug charge. He wrote a book too I think-anyone know the name of this person?

  4. So instead of just serving w/e sentence you have, you are willing to commit murder and spend the rest of your life in prison?

    Besides that, if the person you kill has any friends, they will probably kill you much more brutally than you would have killed him.

  5. Any man can be raped in prison,even Hulk Hogan or some huge guy. Most rapist travel in packs,its kind of hard to overpowrer 12 guys.How could any man get raped and just finish his sentence and act like it never happened? If you were raped u wouldn’t care about dying or living,how could any man recover from such sick abuse?

  6. It think it’s strange that in most states across the US it’s not considered illegal or breaking the law if you kill a person….provided it’s done in self-defense from attacks such as assualts with deadly weapons…as well as sexual assualts and rapes.

    Yet if an inmate kills another inmate while defending himself from a rape…he can be handed a LIFE SENTENCE!!

    It appears that citizens unwittingly renounce their rights once they are convicted felons and inmates.

  7. Dat was So Dumb.,…If Hulf hogan went to Prison He woulntd get Raped..Trus me..

    An in Prison WHy would u get 12 People to rape 1 dude makin it obvious Duh…

    Skinny Soft Niggaz Usually get Raped an Punked in Prison….

  8. Skinny soft niggas ,as you call them,are usauly the easy and average targets.However,their have been mob connected guys that have been raped,any man,including Hulk Hogan ,can be raped . Also most prisoners that rape,travel in packs to overpower the men they rape . You act like if you’re some tough guy,you can go to prison and be left alone and run things,that’s nonsense lol. You’ve been watching too many movies.

  9. But even if you’re a so called tough guy,if you go to prison the gangs will still probably extort you,and mess with you . You can’t say that i’m a tough nigga,noone will fuck with me,because unless you are in a prison gang,they will. And most prison gangs you have to kill another inmate,to become a member and that could cost you your freedom. You have to be a man with no life,and a sadistic insane person connected to a prison gang to survive,not just tough.

  10. our prison system is fucked up. most that come out of prison are worse than they once were, and more than half go back. racism is out of control, for instance, if you’re white and you go to prison, there are VERY high chances that you’ll be raped by a black inmate.

    changes are very much needed. seperation of prisoners based on race and gang affiliations, more supervision with increased accountability on part of the prison guards is needed.

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