forced feminization stories

Submissive men are a true joy to know they treat you like a princess and your every desire can be catered for, I have a big weakness for submissives and have done for years ever since an ex boyfriend confessed his secret desire to be dominated by me.

I found myself to be a natural and ever since then I have always sought out submissive men, to have a relationship with.

I think it is totally natural for submissive men to have a strong need to be dominated.

My husband like many other submissive men had a very controlling dominant force in his early chiild hood, his mother!

This is quite often the case, as at the time they rebel against the authority but then find as they grow up they crave that feeling of being controlled.

Don’t confuse submissive with being weak which is a common misconception, a wide variety of men feel the urge to be dominated.

Personally I think it takes a lot of courage for submissive men to admit they have such urges because we are so conditioned by society that the man should take charge.


My husband is a big fan of leather and also likes to beaten with a small paddle, at first I found this hard to do but we have a safe word that he uses if he is pain.

During one of our recent sessions I dressed in a black leather mini skirt and high heeled boots and I beat his bottom hard, as he had neglected his chores that day.

This got him so excited that he begged for forgiveness and offered to bring me to orgasm orally which he did.

I then rubbed baby oil into his bottom, and kissed it better and he was putty in my hands.

How can anyone fail to see the benefits that submissive men can bring to your life!

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