Nowadays, more and more dominant women want their submissive husband spanked over the knee, they use hairbrushes, paddles, straps - the effect it has on the man is amazing, it drives all the rebelliousness out of them so that they are eager to tend to the needs of their mistress.



Being spanked over the knee can be a very enjoyable experience, as a dominant woman I want to tell you about one of my experiences.

My ex boyfriend Jeremy used to love being spanked over the knee, he enjoyed a build up first but he loved the act itself.

I used to get him to do difficult tasks for me household chores and dirty jobs and in return he would be spanked over the knee.

He would wear loose clothing and part of the excitement for him was he did not know when it was coming.

During the course of the evening I would pull him over on the sofa whip his trousers down and spank him, he loved the resounding slap on his butt cheeks.

The harder I spanked the more he squealed he used to beg me for more, he had deep red hand marks all over his pink bottom.



One summer evening when he was in shorts I grabbed him and spanked him about 20 times he had a huge erection and just before I stopped I looked down and saw he had ejaculated over the sofa.

That is how much he loved being spanked over the knee it was a huge turn on for him and is for a lot of men.

When Jeremy and I finished dating I kind of missed our spanking sessions and he did have such a cute ass to spank!

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