forced feminization stories

sissy stories - my favourite sissy stories are the true ones based on peoples real life situations, the following little anecdote is my close friend’s Tanya’s experience, I hope you find it as amusing as I do.

He looked handsome and she wore a black mini skirt, long black boots and a soft red cashmere jumper.

As they got to the mall they stepped into their various roles and David walked 2 steps behind Tanya and was there only to serve his mistress.

Tanya took David to her favourite department store and she chose several new tops and skirts and they went along to the fitting room. David smiled at Tanya used to waiting for her buying clothes and then Tanya said I need a hand so he went in with her.

Much to the raised eyebrows of the shop assistant, only when they were in the fitting room, Tanya turned round with the garments and said these are for you David you slut!

David looked down and noticed that the skirts were not Tanya’s size at all he could feel a bulge in his pants as he looked down at the soft velvet mini skirt.

He tugged off his jeans and started kissing Tanya she pushed him off teasingly and said try these on I want to see my slut’s new uniform.

David didn’t waste any time and he tried on the soft velvet skirt and the silky blouse that Tanya had chose for him, the silk felt so soft next to his skin he loved the sensation.

Tanya smiled as her own sissy slut was finding his feet; the possibilities were going to be endless.

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