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Male slave training can be very tedious especially when your slave is slow to learn, it is important to be strict with your slave to ensure you get the best results, most mistresses have high standards and with the right slave training the average male can be taught to live up to those.



I think it is important to reward your slave when your happy with the way he has done chores, think of your own reward system and then you can both benefit.


In the beginning set him chores that are easily within his capabilities and as he gradually starts to understand how you like things done you can make the chores more difficult.

Obviously he will make mistakes and for that he will need to be punished when doing this do it in a positive way, make him realise that he is being beaten for his own benefit.

Keep it brief and then both have a break afterwards so he can think about where he went wrong and how he can complete a task more to your satisfaction next time.

Never underestimate your power ensure that he knows your boss, no matter how tired he is what hour of the day or night in his free time he must be completely at your disposal.

Doing it this way ensures that male slave training goes quite smoothly and you will soon have a very content submissive slave of your own!

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