Click here for loads of incredibly erotic and addictive Humiliation Stories, read about how pathetic submissive men are humiliated by bitchy dominant females in public - for instance on shopping trips.



Some people cringe when reading these, for others the level of humiliation just heightens the excitement. often regular readers of humiliation stories, get themselves set up before they sit down to read and a great source is the internet and various specialist magazines.

Being a submissive male myself I personally like verbal humiliation stories and they are what I focus on.

One of my favourites centres on a mistress taking her slave (me in my fantasies) shopping.

We arrive at the shopping centre my mistress is dressed in a low v neck top and a leather mini skirt black stockings and pointy leather boots she looks incredibly sexy.

I am honoured that she has allowed me to come on the trip and I walk 2 steps behind her at all times by way of respect and I am of course only there to pay for purchases and to carry all her shopping.

First we walk into the hosiery department where she chooses some new fishnet stockings at the counter she shouts at me in front of the assistant as I am fumbling in my pocket for my wallet.

She refers to me as incompetent waste of space and tells the assistant that as pathetic as I am she will allow me to pay for the stockings.



Which I duly do and then rush to catch her up because now she is in the cosmetics department, I drop down on my knees at the sight of her tell her I’m not worthy and ask her for forgiveness over my fumbling.

I am indeed blessed that she is in a good mood she ruffles my hair and says I am allowed to stay for the duration of the shopping trip, as long as I concentrate on the task in hand.

Some men may find this extreme to be humiliated in this manner but to me it’s all worthwhile especially when we get home as mistress lets me take off her boots and then service her orally which gives us both a great deal of satisfaction.

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