forced feminization stories
Some women feel strongly about female supremacy and need to be cherished and adored by their male slaves, this is definitely an alternative lifestyle and not for the faint hearted, the male basically hands over all control to his mistress.




The male’s belief in female supremacy only gets stronger in time as he forges a relationship with his mistress.

This is normally done by a series of tasks that the now submissive slave must carry out, and at all times the total adoration of his mistress.


These tasks can include any of the following, verbal humiliation where the male is very much put into his place this could be on a shopping trip where he is chastised in front of female sales staff.

He could be made to do a number of chores around the home of course these have to be done to mistress’ satisfaction.

If they aren’t up to standard then the slave will be punished normally physically using maybe a leather strap just so he understands that next time it’s done it has to be done properly.

For a lot of men that is what they like best being beaten as that in itself arouses them, some just like to hand over controls maybe in their daily life they have a stressful job and just wish to relinquish control for a short time.

For other men it is a total way of life and they just wish to adore and serve women all day every day and will do anything in their power to do this including handing over wages.

Whatever way you to choose to look at female supremacy it certainly has benefits for both genders!

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