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female foot worship

Adam has devoted his life to female foot worship, he realised he had this fetish as a child when he used to go along with his mother who had a passion for buying shoes.

As he saw her slip her feet into the soft new leather the sight of her elegant toes made him excited, that’s where his desire for female foot worship started.

Now as a 32 year old all he had to do was spot a soft delicate foot and his arousal became as fresh as it was as a young boy.

Adam despite having a very good education sought out a job in a top shoe shop and of course had the enviable task of looking at ladies feet all day.


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He soon became manager but still made sure that he was on hand to help ladies to decide which heels to buy.

He held their feet as if they were rare jewels and softly pressed their toes through the leather which gave him plenty of ideas when he was at home masturbating.

One woman Amy was his favourite she used to buy a new pair of heels every month and always chose Adam to help her.

He would gently caress her feet as he slipped on her latest choice of heel watching her elegant pink toes slip inside how he ached to suck each toe.


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On days when Amy came in he would rush home and then dream about her feet, sucking each toe individually the very idea made him so hard.

He would love for his female foot worship dreams to come true with Amy and decided the only way he could get to suck her toes and admire her feet daily, was if he asked her on a date.

The next time Amy came into the store that’s exactly what he did and he knew that all those dreams about her feet were going to come true.


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