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fem dom stories

In certain fem dom stories men read them with wide eyed awe half secretly excited at the thought of being dominated completely and the other half amazed that any male would wish to be so submissive!

A junior colleague at work Geoff has a big passion for fem dom stories and confessed his passion for them to me one day when I found him aroused by one of my email requests.

As we are both single he asked me if I would consider being even more demanding and dominating in his daily office requirements as one of my juniors.


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I was only too happy to oblige as I secretly love to take control and this gave me ample opportunities to do so.

On Fridays I write him special fem dom stories and ask him to do certain tasks for me over the weekend.

If he does not successfully complete a task he gets humiliated by me and I make him do menial tasks in my office semi naked, I think he often gets things wrong just for this opportunity.


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Last Friday he was wearing just a shirt and tie and was crawling round my office on all fours he had no briefs or trousers on and had an erection and he was dribbling pre cum across the floor.

I had not alternative but to make him lick this up and then mop the floor as I cant stand having a messy office.

He has to service me orally every Monday morning if he does not manage to make me orgasm within ten minutes then he has to make it up to me with a gift of my choice.

Not many people get to act out their own fem dom stories so I am lucky that with Geoff’s help this has become an added perk at work!


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