forced feminization stories

I would like to share with you my own domestic discipline stories as when I have told friends they have always been keen to know more, some domestic discipline stories, will sound shocking to some and maybe even disturbing to those who have never considered such activities.

However I consider my own personal domestic discipline stories to be an important part of my life and a big reason for my own successful marriage.

I have been happily married to Kevin for ten years, but early on in our marriage we became aware of his need to be dominated and indeed mine to be dominant.


Kevin was a big broad chap his 6ft frame towering over me for me this was about me asserting my own authority within the relationship.

So when I returned home from work we both used to change and I used to order him to do chores.

If they were not done to my satisfaction I would start the bare bottom spanking, and his ass would be red raw.

I used to like my tea done in a certain way; it took him ages to perfect the amount of milk and just how strong I liked it.

Sometimes when I was spanking him he would get an erection if he did I duly punished him for that but would use it to my advantage.

For us as a couple we have found the right balance it is a huge release for us both and we have a very healthy sex life, I think we have become more aware because of our own domestic discipline stories.


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